Wall elements

The final dimensions of the wall panels are determined in terms of the characteristics of the project and the specific application.

Wall elements

The wall panels are always produced custom-sized. The thickness of the wall panels varies between 14 and 30 cm. The maximum dimension of a standard panel is 6.50 m in length and 3.20 m in height.

Flat wall panels are attached to 2 columns with sunken and hidden anchors. Walls with injection tubes are created for stand-alone walls.

Full wall panels consist entirely of reinforced concrete. The panels can be used as outside or indoor walls, retaining walls, skirting boards, staircase or lift walls, etc., if used with an adapted reinforcement.

Isolated wall elements

Isolated wall panels consist of a supporting inner layer, an isolating central core and an outer layer, linked to the inner layer by means of sandwich anchors. The isolation is unbroken, to avoid thermal bridging.

The panels’ chamfers measure 10 mm. The panels can be provided with a finger splice or trunk and a tongue-and-groove joint. For the outside look of the panels one can obtain for a smooth formwork look or a decorative layer with a choice of 20 granulates.

Various extras can also be added to walls, such as consoles, anchoring rails, carvings, external reinforcement boxes, openings for joinery, cut-aways, etc.