Van Maercke PrefabKluisbergen

The origin of Van Maercke Prefab goes back to the year 1985. The production facility has an annual capacity of 60,000 m³ prefab concrete.

Van Maercke Prefab<span>Kluisbergen</span>

Over 200 people are active in the development, production and assembly of high-quality prefab concrete products such as columns, beams, facade panels, roof elements and special pieces. 

Van Maercke Prefab provides:

  • The production of prefab concrete elements
  • The production of reinforcement cages
  • An integrated engineering department
  • Experienced assembly teams
  • Own transport division
  • An environment-friendly production process
  • Extensive storage facilities
  • Air-conditioned drying room

Van Maercke production site

The production at Van Maercke Prefab stands out by an elaborate automation resulting in a production capacity of more than 300 m³ a day. Separate production lines ensure the manufacturing of various types of elements and a high flexibility.

Van Maercke production site

The prefab concrete products are manufactured in the plant under strictly controlled circumstances.

The factory environment is industrially efficient and provides the ideal conditions for the production and processing of concrete:

  • A constant environment temperature
  • A computer-controlled composition, mixing and pouring of concrete
  • Totally independent of weather conditions.

The production offers a combined capacity of:

  • 85 pieces of wall elements per day
  • 55 pieces of standard structure elements (beams and columns) per day
  • More than 1,000 m2 of roof elements per day